The World Cup as a flow map

A Flow Map/Sankey Diagram showing the complete results from the World Cup model:

The chart has alternating nodes (blue bars) for teams and matches. Size of flows are proportional to the chances of a country being part of a match (from country to match bar) or proportional to the chances of winning a match (from match to country). Numbers after a country name are the chances of that National Team proceeding to the next phase. From  the quarter finals onwards, only teams with more than 1% chance of winning the World Cup are presented individually. The others are grouped under “others”.

A more complete version of the diagram, which takes a while to load, can be found here.

If it does not load on your device, you can look at a screen capture of it here.

This is the table of country codes:


Thanks to Viviane Malheiros for comments and suggestions.

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