About spoons, shovels and looms

The story plays like this: Milton Friedman is visiting some country considered to be backward, when he sees some huge construction project being built with shovels instead of tractors and other pieces of machinery. Asking why, he learns that this is to increase the number of workers needed for the job, as providing jobs is […]

The World Cup as a flow map

A Flow Map/Sankey Diagram showing the complete results from the World Cup model: The chart has alternating nodes (blue bars) for teams and matches. Size of flows are proportional to the chances of a country being part of a match (from country to match bar) or proportional to the chances of winning a match (from […]

Will Germany win the world cup?

In a previous post, I showed results from a model that gives a 23 percent change of victory for Germany in this year’s World Cup. It is the highest score. So, can I jump and say that Germany will win it, or worse yet, can I bet my savings that it will do so? Short […]